Get a Tax Abatement

We know everyone wants to pay there fair share. But keep in mind if you have a crumbling foundation your house is NOT the same as your neighbors with out. Your resale and equity have tanked. Your town should not be valuing your home the same as those without Pyrrhotite. Valuing them as though there is nothing wrong and all foundations are equal is a gross misrepresentation of home values in our towns.

If your town is not allowing abatements you can appeal. Although it may be to late this year, be ready for next. 

Local contact information in the map below. These are residents here to help you with this issue.

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Massachusetts Residents Against Crumbling Foundations is a group dedicated to raising awareness and gaining support for solutions to the crumbling foundation crisis arising throughout homes in Massachusetts. This site is designed by volunteers to help residents that suspect and have this issue find information that can help. Massachusetts Residents Against Crumbling Foundations offers this as a service only and does not endorse any particular vendors. All of the content here is organized for the sole purpose of making the information easy to find. Most content is linked back to the original publisher.
Why Do You Need To Take Action?

Concrete used in homes in contained the mineral pyrrhotite, which degraded foundations. Without repairs costing $150,000 to $250,000, affected homes eventually would be uninhabitable.

Private Insurance companies have denied homeowners’ claims to cover the cost of foundation repairs. In 2019, the Connecticut State Supreme Court ruled that homeowners’ insurance policies can exclude crumbling foundations under the existing definition of “collapse.”